The Tides of Mental Health

I often compare mental health, and anxiety in particular, to walking along a beach. At times we are soothed and comforted by the sight and sound of the waves as they gently wash onto the shore. All is good and we could stay there indulging ourselves forever… At other times perhaps, we are caught off guard, freak waves wash in, and the waters rise above our ankles and knees to a level we are uncomfortable with. We can become overwhelmed and struggle to reach safety, longing to escape to the freedom of the dry, solid ground we are accustomed to.. In our panic and anxiety we tell ourselves we are trapped, this is unbearable and it is never going to end… The truth is, just as in all aspects of our lives, each wave that reaches the shore eventually loses energy, loses its power to frighten us and finally recedes….. “This too shall pass” …. A simple concept, that through time has been central to many cultures and traditions, crossing over the boundaries all many faiths and beliefs. Remembering this as we face each day, could make life much different for many of us…

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