I hope that this page will develop into a library of Health and Well-Being resources as well as other “Useful Stuff”. I invite you to be patient as it develops and encourage you to pass on resources and ideas and information you have found useful so we can share. We admit that very little of these resources are own unique resources and where possible we acknowledge the original creator.

Living with Anxiety 

Living with Anxiety         

Flight, Fight, Freeze Response.

Living with Depression                                         Living with Grief (See Below)

The Black Dog of Depression                                  your-grief-youre-not-going

Not getting enough sleep? (See Below)            Tasks of Grief by   Worden

Checklist_For_Better_Sleep                                     A Trauma Resource (See Below)

Guidelines_For_Better_Sleep                                  The Sky before the Storm with images

Beat that “Stinking Thinking”                             In Difficulty with Cannabis?

Unhelpful_Thinking_Styles                                      Pdf Booklet Cannabis and You


The Heros Journey Explained