Stinking Thinking

The human mind is something scientists are still trying to figure out. We still do not quite understand where feelings and emotions come from. Though one thing we do know is that human beings are thinking creatures. We can have thousands of thoughts every day, according to the National Science Foundation, the average person can have up to 70,000 a day (although this figure is debatable). 

Thoughts are very powerful. Some are intentional, like making an important decision, or solving a problem. Whereas others just seem to just drop into our minds from nowhere. Though most of our thoughts are repetitive, dwelling in the past, fearful of the future or simply utter nonsense. Most of these repetitive thoughts are automatic. Actually, up to 90% of the thoughts you have today, you will have tomorrow. This is because most of our thoughts come from our subconscious mind, and we are not normally consciously aware of them.

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