Over the years I have amassed a wealth of experience in the training and development of those I have had the privilege to have worked alongside. This has been in a wide variety of fields such as Education, Counselling and Training.

With a passion for my own Personal and Professional Development, I have recently moved into the area of Counselling Supervision having completed the CAPCB Level 6 Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision. I look forward to working alongside others who are keen and enthusiastic about their development as counselling practitioners. I provide one-to-one supervision usually face-to-face but can also make use of the internet or telephone if requested.

My approach to supervision is based on person-centred theory although it also incorporates my integrative training, and coaching skills where this is helpful and appropriate. Hawkins and Shohet’s “Seven Eyed Model” serves as the basis of my framework, although at times I integrate elements of the Cyclical and Medical (lnskipp and Proctor) Models. This helps me to consider the many perspectives that will impact our work as counsellors, supervisors and trainers.

I approach supervision in a generative and developmental way enabling me to really value and prize the practitioners who choose to work with me and allow us to use the space to explore, reflect, stretch and increase our understanding.
Mindful of our ethical responsibilities, I encourage the use of supervision for conversations which enhance mature ethical decision-making.
I provide supervision to all types of counsellors – from students right through to experienced practitioners. Ever mindful of the words of Robin Shohet “I will never not be in Supervision”, I look forward to the fun and challenge each new Supervisory relationship brings.