The SEED Programme

The SEED Programme is based on the philosophy that once we know what is at the root of our distress we are empowered to take action and can then begin the journey to freedom and emotional recovery.
The programme consists of six sessions run over a six week period. Each session consists of an initial period of “Psycho-education”, an integral part of all counselling approaches, as well as providing all participants with the appropriate skills and confidence to be their own agent of change. The programme aims to demystify much of the jargon and taboo surrounding our emotional well-being.
Delivered in a warm, lively,yet sensitive style, participants are invited to engage as comfortably as they feel they might, in a variety of Creative activities such as Journaling, Small and Whole group discussion,creative writing and the use of video, music,art, drama, and laughter therapy. These are incorporated to enable participants to get in touch with often suppressed emotions and also begin to channel these in a healthy positive way.
The SEED Programme is suitable for Community and Church Groups,Schools, Clubs, Sports Organisations and Voluntary and other Corporate Bodies.



A Typical SEED Programme Outline